Thursday, October 31, 2013

7 Strangers...

New face…new story…!!
Different faces and their expression interest the most. The reason for choosing this topic is I love reading faces and to understand what’s behind the same. In the present world we all are so busy with our daily schedules that we forget that life isn’t all about us but it is completed by some unrecognized strangers. These strangers are all around us, all we need to do is make an effort and have a word with these people. To know who are acting as a catalyst in our daily life.
“Every friend was once a stranger”
The given quote has a lot to say. Every friend you make was once a stranger to you. You or other the person made an effort to interact and share a strong bond. All these people are strangers for us because we never made an effort to talk and they are scared to talk. This is the reason they still are strangers.
The faces I captured are part of our life some way or the other. They may not directly be a part of us but they help us live our life comfortably. Looking at the key maker, he makes keys to every lock, to every door likewise the florist makes a beautiful bunch of flowers without knowing who shall receive them but he is surely bringing smiles to different face. They are playing an important role in our life yet they are strangers and shall remain strangers.

This project helped me in understanding these people and gave me a wonderful experience where I learned and enjoyed to the core. I had an opportunity to meet new seven strangers who are now not strangers anymore. 

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